Exercise in pregnancy: A closer look at the new guidelines

With the support of newly published guidelines, encourage women to engage in regular physical activity during pregnancy and beyond

Need to know:

  • Physical activity/exercise during pregnancy and the post-partum period is safe, has health benefits for the woman and fetus, and reduces the risks of some pregnancy-related complications (evidence based statement).
  • Encourage all women without contraindications to meet the Australian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines before, during and after pregnancy (evidence-based recommendation).
  • Modifications to physical activity/exercise may be required to accommodate physical changes as the pregnancy progresses. If there are any concerns (including warning signs and contraindications), women should seek advice from a qualified health processional (consensus-based recommendation).
  • Advise all pregnant women to do pelvic-floor exercises during and after pregnancy (evidence-based recommendation). Support women to take an active role in shared decision-making about their physical activity/exercise during and after